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Caroline Hire
Health and energy coach 

Create the healthy life you want.


It's time to feel better!

Would you like to feel healthier and more energetic?


Are you struggling with brain fog, weight gain, poor sleep, symptoms of illness, fatigue or lack of enthusiasm for life? 


As a certified Functional Medicine health coach, I will work alongside you to uncover what uniquely fuels you and find strategies for renewed health and vitality.


Tap into the power of lifestyle and environmental medicine to create the healthy, fulfilling life you want.

How can I help?

Eating for optimum health

Energy & motivation

Weight management

Movement & exercise

Improved sleep & relaxation

Mindfulness & yoga

Perimenopause & hormones

Stress & overwhelm


Individual & group sessions, suitable for a range of budgets. View the different options or book a free call to discuss your needs.

1-2-1 health coaching

Whether you've had a diagnosis or you simply want to feel better, I can work with you on the key foundations of health - diet, movement, relaxation & sleep, stress & resilience, connection & support.

EFT - Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique is a quick and non-invasive way to identify what's holding you back, process past challenges and move forward positively with your life. Opt for pure EFT or combine it with health coaching to reach your goals.

Group coaching

Workshops and group programmes offer the opportunity to target one specific aspect of your health and wellbeing that you'd like to move forward with. Sharing experience and learning from others is part of the process. 

“My coach (Caroline) brought my thoughts to actions which literally changed the dynamic in my new life in this new city. I had been thinking without acting for one whole year. Caroline managed to help me flip to a new and bright page of my book. I enjoyed being heard and I believe everyone deserves to be heard.”

Joan, London

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