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Fit, flexible & strong from home

Sunday 28th April
The Sunflower Centre, Brockley

With myself and Mary Brooking, sports massage therapist & running coach

This is for you if:

  • you want to increase your activity at home, and out and about

  • you'd like to add strength work, stretching or cardio but you can't get it into your routine

  • you want to be fitter and stronger, whether you currently enjoy exercise (or not!)

In this new workshop we'll aim to understand and breakdown your barriers to exercise to help you bring more movement into your life, and get fitter, more flexible and stronger.

Brief bouts of exercise, as short as one minute, if done consistently, can yield real health benefits. We'll show you a range of workouts of 1 minute, 5 minutes & 10 minutes covering yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and mobility movements. These can all be done at home or anywhere, to help you grab movement opportunities whenever you can. 

We'll also explore through group coaching how we can shift our mindset about our identity so we become 'someone who exercises', how the foundation for that is finding something we enjoy doing and that this doesn't have to be something that is traditionally thought of as 'exercise'.


Plus there'll be an opportunity to try tapping, a practice that is gaining an increasing  body of scientific research for its efficacy in gently rewiring the brain.

£40. Early Bird offer before 19th April: £35

The workshop also includes:

- Handouts

- Healthy and tasty refreshments

- A voucher for 50% off a session with each of Mary and Caroline for sports massage, 1:1 running coaching, health coaching, EFT therapy or 1:1 yoga.

Gym ball, water bottle and yoga mats in calming blues and greens
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